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I bought a car from them 3 days ago.Before I buy the car I told them I don't have that much money and trying to save money for my college so I told them I need a reliable car.

Then they told me that all cars that they sell goes through inspection. So I picked a car in my budget and they told me that the car that I picked was a really nice car and when I want to get a new car in few months or so they said they will buy this car back from me from the same price they sold me (if I don't put so much mile on it). Anyways I was happy with my purchase and everything,but the third day my car battery died on me. So I went back there and wanted to talk about the issue, I mean it wasn't even a week that I bought the car.So I wanted talk with the owner (who sold me the car) he wasn't there.

I asked them if he is coming to work that day. They told me that they weren't quiet sure about if he is going to come or not,so then they called him.

I believe the owner told them to get rid off me and they told me he might come in today or might not.Then they said there is noting they can do and asked me to leave the property.

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Its doesn't matter what the issue is with the car.It coulda just been a headlight.

The whole point is how this man was treated. Its the customer service that makes costomers go back. If they wouldnt help him with the issue or even try and offer and support or anything than they aren't the company I would want to get a car from.

They should have said that they will take care of it no matter if the owner is there or not.End of story.


How is the dealership supposed to magically know when something will break or not?No one is psyic.

Also a alternator is like 30 or 40 bucks.Stop crying & turn a wrench for 15 minutes of your time.


Issue is an honesty,they didn't be honest with me.Plus later on I found out that problem wasn't the battery but alternator.

What kind of inspection is that?

No one has a right to lie people to take advantage of them.I'm going to share my story with BBB and other forms as well and let others to judge.


Batteries die in caers all the time bud.That is not an issue for the dealership to address.

that is an issue for you to fix on your own.:cry stop crying.

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